Monday, January 14, 2008

Online Dating - Advice Needed

Happy New Year! It is week two of 2008 and I am almost ready to start the world of Internet Dating. In efforts to avoid the New Year’s resolution band wagon, I decided to wait until the end of January to start. During conversations with everyone from my roommate to my acupuncturist I’ve received encouraging feedback. There have only been several comments laced with the ‘There is not chance in hell I would do it but seems like a good idea for people like you’ undertones.

In anticipation of entering the virtual bar scene I have to admit I’m a little nervous.
I have narrowed down the selection of possible sites to, e-harmony, and Jdate. My initial plan was to follow my impulsive-semi-addictive personality and sign up for all three. Not ready to swallow another $100+ a month expense for membership fees, a decision needs to be made.

Here are my initial thoughts: – A little more meat market’ish, more people - good, but tougher competition - bad

eHarmony – More expensive, smaller pool, they choose for you – good or bad?

Jdate – No I haven’t converted to Judaism but just feel like that is where I’ve witnessed the most success stories

Any thoughts?

My next dilemma I’m encountering is The Profile. My Myspace profile would be a perfect example of my less then stellar profile-making skills. First, I’m in need a witty tag line and blurb ‘All about me.’

1st Draft – “25 yrs old, living in the East Village and not sure what I want to be when I grow up. Currently working in midtown at a job that gives her lots of time to email and search the internet”
*I don’t even want to date myself after re-reading that

I’m in trouble

Phase two of the profile, the picture. I’m thinking – Glamour Shots! My photographer most likely will be my roommate but I’m hoping I can have her boyfriend photoshop off a few extra pounds and give me a tan! The photo shoot is on hold until my unfortunately pimple outbreak of 2008 clears up. The meteorite size pimples on my forehead and the end of my nose that makes you wonder, “If Rudolph and a Cyclopes had a baby…”

Please advise,



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