Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2 or 10

The new profile has been posted and time is a ticking to find a suitable date for the upcoming wedding season. The new profile brought about a new motto, “If I am asked, I will accept.” However, with some not so great dates under my belt I’m thinking my new motto may be in need of some revisions or at least a footnote, but I digress.

In the dating world, the rule of three is well known. In the virtual bar scene there is another number rule that seems to be holding true. I call it "The Rule of 2 or 10." This rule states - When looking at a 'profile picture' it is best to add 2 years or 10lbs to the picture for a more accurate image of the stranger you are willing to meet for drinks, in a dark bar, that you've never heard of or be willing to go back to.

Worse case scenario: The rule changes to "2 + 10 - 2," add 2 years plus 10 pounds and minus two inches from their listed height. Beware: despite your advance knowledge of conventional mathematics this equation will never result in a perfect 10.*

I base my new theory on the hairlines of my last two (unsuccessful) dates. My soap box for this argument isn't too sturdy since I fall into the 'add 10 pounds' category. Ten pounds on me and a picture 2 years old for them, we’re even right??

Convinced a good profile picture is 99% percent of the reason people ‘wink,’ ‘nudge,’ or ‘request communication’ I would expected nothing less then to see everyone most flattering picture. And I'll admit it, my picture was taken at an extremely flattering angle while I was fully made up, tanner then usual, having a great hair day and oh yeah…there was the half of workday I put into photo-shop’ing, cropping and retouching the heck outta it! [See transformation below]

Before................................. After

*All these numbers??? Perhaps there is a correlation between my dating success and algebra grades.

An after thought addressed to Dr. Warren – Who came up with the must haves/can’t stands?
Has anyone ever written and said:

"Dear Dr. Warren, Thank you so much. I am so happy I finally found my perfect mate. I never thought I'd find a man that was truly raciest, emotionally unhealthy and can't manage their anger. All my best, Judy"


Jessica said...

The Rule of 2 or 10... I love it!! It's so true...

Lauren said...

If Dr Warren were a smart man, he would not suggest that i date your just saying..

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