Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gym Dating - Advice from TruDog

Since we last spoke, I have put down the wine glass long enough to for the gym to reclaim the status of a daily activity. My motivation has come from variety of sources, but the mostly it has come from a chair.

There are only two chairs in our apartment, one for Patty on the left and one for me on the right. Whether we are eating, chit chatting or watching reality TV, we can be found in our respective chairs. I can count on one hand the number of times I have sat in her seat. My OCD has gone so far as when guests come over I instinctively offer them Patty’s seat or unfold a beach chair before suggestion they sit in 'my chair' [see photo].

Last week upon sitting down I heard a rip, felt a pop and before I could steady my glass I was on the ground. Thanks to Karma or refined carbohydrates I have apparently exceeded my chair's weight capacity. Despite my yammering about trying to bulk up in time for next season’s Biggest Loser Auditions I thought I was still a few pounds away from 'auditioning weight.'

The next day, I purchased an industrial strength bungee cord to repair the chair and dusted of the sneakers. Not ready to face the treadmill, I decide to take the “Hip Hop Cardio Jam” class. The class began with TruDog introducing himself and reminding us to work hard so we don’t end up looking like K-Fed on the cover of last month's US Weekly (Finally a fitness goal I can relate to!)

Sixty minutes later I have Harlem-shake'd every last miller lite out of my body. Feeling like I've gotten everything of the class I gather my things and head for the door. On my way out TruDog hands us what I thought was standard gym propaganda but much to my pleasant surprise it was his latest commentary on the world of ‘Gym Dating.’

TruDog's Dating Tips...

Top 5 Pick up Lines in the Gym
1. May I work in?
2. You work out here often?
3. You can Spot me anytime?
4. What CD are you listening to?
5. You look good already, why change?

Top 5 lines Deal Breakers for Women
1. Cheap
2. Roving eye (looking at other women)
3. Rude to waiters
4. Overly Critical
5. Poor Hygiene

Top 5 lines Deal Breakers for Men
1. Obessing about their bodies
2. Talking about exes
3. Overly critical
4. Too needy
5. Ugly fee

After my initial reaction of being insulted that TruDog and the entire New York Sports Club would A) Assume I'm single and B) Think I needed dating advice had subsided, I found his advice quite apropos and thought he may be on to somethings. Looks like I better schedule a pedicure during my lunch break.

To read all of TruDog's insights or check his class schedule click on the link below then 'search inside'

Gym Dating
Gym Dating


Franchize said...

I'm your first "follower" yeah!! I think TruDog is on to something...

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