Friday, April 10, 2009

Stick to the Script

The virtual bar scene of my choice skips the 'winking' business and asks you to send 4 quick questions to break the ice. I like this because it gives you something to start a conversation with if you do get to the emailing stage. Since everything is pretty scripted, it's pretty hard to make a complete fool of yourself. However, you can write your own questions and here is an example of why it is best to stick to script....This week I received the following question:

“What do you envision our relationship being like?”

My initial reaction was to answer with, “WTF?" or "I envision eventually learning your last name and meeting for drinks. If things go well perhaps we will do it again.” Answering this question is the last step before taking the leap into the 'open communication' phase but lord knows even after 6 months of dating I have a hard time using the words, “we,” “us,” “our” or even “relationship.” Geesh!

Maybe he was on to something, as I hit the ‘close’ button I almost felt obliged to write back a message using the “Break-up Letter Template" but resisted and clicked on the 'Best of luck with your search' pre-scripted tab.