Thursday, May 28, 2009

Step 2 - The Make Over

The remainder of your detoxing days is to be spent turning you into the best version on yourself. But this chapter should really be renamed 'Operation Dating weight' since the bulk of it is spent discussing exercise and how to adopt a mild eating disorder. For the record I would like to disagree with Patti's suggestion of spending hours at a time on the elliptical (see "I'm Blaming the Treat Truck").

Best Advice - Buy a pair of full body Spanks

*Buyer Beware* Only if you want to sympathize with your menopausal mother do I suggest wearing your newly purchased full-body-non-breathable-spandex-shape-wear to an overcrowded NYC bar on an unseasonably warm spring evening...whew!


Anonymous said...

In the valley of the infertile, the one working ovary is queen. Own it.

Kimara@Ulta said...

I'm sure that your readers will take your warning about where to go when wearing shapewear very seriously. Especially if they've ever worn it before. Why does it have to be so hot? Can't they use something different to make it? Does looking beautiful have to result in that?

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