Friday, July 10, 2009

Action Plan

There are 6 months left to make good on new year's resolutions and it's time for an Action Plan!

Goal - Not to be dateless on New Year's Eve
  1. Complete the Millionaire Match Maker's Steps 3-8
  2. Bribe photographer friend with baked goods (or booze) to take glamour shots for new online dating profile
  3. Research arranged marriages, have info ready to forward to parents on 12/31/09

Goal - To no longer fear pants with non-elastic waist bands
  1. Quit avoiding morning workouts on schooldays
  2. Days that I go to the gym, change clothes and leave will no longer be counted as "work outs"
  3. Locate ab muscles (*Possible Goal for 2010 - strengthen ab muscles?)
Goal - Establish a 'profession' (Mr. Judgey McJudge'ster at Kinkos gives you a funny look when you ask them to print 'Non-Profitable Part Time-Blogger' on 500 business cards).
  1. Pay more attention to my day job so I don't get fired (This girl needs her rent money health insurance!)
  2. Once a month I will actually show up to one of the networking events I RVSP'd for
  3. Master the art of mash potatoes
Goal - Add more brunching to my life
  1. Make plans to go to brunch before last call the night before
  2. Expand brunch options to different neighborhoods
  3. Compile list of restaurants that serve brunch until 4pm.


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