Sunday, August 23, 2009

202 Ways to Make Potatoes

202 Ways to Make Potatoes – is what the first 3 months of culinary school should be called. Perhaps I was suffering from delusions of grandeur when I pictured myself blowing glass sugar vases and whipping up soufflés with my eyes closed and one arm tied behind my back at this time. To date, each class has started with the now familiar feeling of a peeler in my right hand and a spud in my left. The good news is, I now feel sufficiently confident in my mashed potato making skills [1]. No more white gravy from this girl!

Whether you call ‘em taters, spuds, pommes, patatas, russest or chips, we have fried, baked, mashed, sautéed, grilled, braised and boiled them all. There has been one constant in our potato making, butter will make it better.

Almost 30 lessons into the curriculum and we just had our first class in which we used no butter. Today’s Lesson – Deep Frying 101. Not a single ounce of butter was used in durring our four our fry-fest just 100% Lard and Hydrogenated Oils.

'Monter Au Beurre' is on of my favorite french cooking terms. It means 'to mount with butter' and is oftern used to finish pan sauces (i.e. once your done cooking, throw in a couple of tablespoons of butter in the pan and wa~la...You Have Sauce!). I have grown so fond of this 'sauce making' tecnique that I couldn't help but think the fried chicken would be just lovely with a little butter melted over the top.

Sick...I know...but think about it....gravy is essentialy butter + pan juices + flour.... Just leave out the flour and now it is carb (and gluten!) free and delicious.

All my butter indulgence has not been without consiquence. If you have read the book or scene the movie Julie and Julia you may remember Julie talking about her 'butter weight' and I can sympathize. At this rate I’m steadily gaining 1lb of butter weight a month and will back comfortably in my size 12 jeans by Christmas.

[1] Career Goal #3 - Check!

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Anonymous said...

This is too funny. I was just having dinner w/ a friend and we went to his favorite resturant. He knows the chef well and the chef told the waiter to come to our table and ask my friend (who is a very picky dieter) if he could "mount his potatoes with butter". It was priceless to see my friend blush and the waiter burst out laughing. The chef came out and explained the mounting business to us!!

To me...nothing is more divine than potatoes every way under the sun! Best of luck to you and soon, I know you'll be whipping up one-handed souffles! Thank you for your fabulous blog, it never ceases to inform and entertain!!!

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