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The influx of recipes posts (complete with pictures) can only mean one thing - I’ve had lots of free Saturday nights. Feeling the need to mix things up I turned to

Believe it or not, I actually know a couple of people that have gone on Crazy-Blind-Dates and not only lived to tell the tale but also reported having a nice time. I was still skeptical at first since I have watched one too many episodes of Law & Order and developed healthy fear of being found face-down in a puddle of subway sewage after a bad date, but when I found out you could sing up for a Double-Crazy-Blind-Date with a friend, I was logged on! follows to old adage, location, location, location. As you fill out your dating profile the only parameters you select are date, time, neighborhood, and if you are willing to meet in a bar (my kind of questions). We filled out our profiles and said we were available next Wednesday between 7-9pm and would like to meet in a bar, in Manhattan, below 60th street.

The ‘Crazy’ part of the blind date is that you are only given the name and meeting location of your ‘date’ 30 minutes prior to when you need to be there. So in the words of Heidi Klum when you get that email ‘you are either in or you are out’

My proactive’ness in my dating life also lead me to do something I’ve been meaning to do since I blew out birthday candles 3 weeks ago, schedule a therapy session. The timing was perfect. Not only do I finally have good health insurance to cover 'elective therapy' and a flexible lunch hour, if my crazy-blind-date went unbelievable terrible or absolutely amazing, a professional opinion would be appreciated.

Wednesday we decided to meet up for a drinks while we awaited our dating fate. We ordered a round and waited...... 7:00pm….kept waiting at 7:45pm…still waiting at 8:30pm…at 9:16pm I received the following email....

Sent: Wed 8/12/09 9:16 PM
To: joannE.

We didn't find you a date for today in New York City, between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm. Sometimes when we don't find dates for someone it's because their restrictions were set too tight

9:17pm Oh…my…goodness…We have officially been stood-up!

I didn’t think it was possible to be stood up without a having a confirmed date but yes, yes it is, and it stings! This made me think, do my ‘restrictions’ (male/ 27+ yr old/straight/living) rule out every eligible man in Manhattan? Maybe Patty Stanger was right when she said you need to move where the numbers are in your favor. But what would I do in St. Paul, MN?


Anonymous said...

This is so funny! I am so impressed you'd even try a crazy blind date and yet...been there myself so I can relate! Thanks for sharing your sagas...they make me laugh every, *single* time!!!

Jessica said...

Oh Joannee, this is too funny. I admire your courage to try the blind date!

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