Tuesday, September 29, 2009


No, the definition of FatPacking will not be found in Urban Diction (I checked) and this has nothing to do with larding a roast. I learned about this last week when I received an email from a friend with 'Fatpacking' as the subject. The body of email contained a link and said ‘want to give this a try?’ Having no regard for the so-called work filter, I was intrigued and clicked on the link.


FatPacking = A week long camping trip with the goal of weight loss. Designed for adults 10-60lbs overweight. *Participants must be comfortable carrying a 50lb pack at a moderate incline for 5-6 hrs a day.

After recently watching the Whitney Houston-Oprah Winfrey interview I channeled my inner Whitney and replied with a, ‘Hell to No!’ and ‘How did heck did you find out about this?’

Her response, “I have some vacation time I need to use before the end of the year so I google’d ‘Adult Fat Camp.’”

Give me thirty seconds and I can come up with several week long alternatives I’d rather try before siging up to FatPack.
  1. 7 Colonics in 7 Days
  2. Rehab
  3. Tape Worm
  4. Swine Flu

Plus, why go Fatpacking when Squeem-wearing weather is just around the corner? Those extra pounds will be cinched away in a matter of seconds!

*Update: I just returned from a trip with a cousin who is about to give birth. At 5’5’ and 9 month pregnant she weighs the same as my ‘goal weight’ (which as of this morning I’m 5'2" and a good 10+ lbs away from). Does anyone know where I could buy a good camping pack?


Steve Silberberg said...

Hi JoanneE!

Glad you checked out my site. I'm not sure why you'd prefer tapeworm or multiple colonics to an amazing adventure vacation, but if it's the name of the company that bothers you, I also call it Fitpacking (http://www.fitpacking.com/). Thanks for the shout out!

Anonymous said...

I have friends that have been FatPacking and found it to be a an exhilarating and heathy experience. Sure beats the Treadmill...

Anonymous said...

I fit/fat packed and loved it. Steve is an incredible guide/host and a wiz at preparing delicious camp meals-seriously I was impressed. He also has great people skills, map-reading skills and is patient! A great combo.
He makes it fun and has a quirky sense of humor. But the best part is the incredible trips he plans!

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