Monday, September 14, 2009

Java Jonesing – Nature vs. Nurture?

Coffee has been a daily staple in my life since I was 16. When asked, ‘How do I take my coffee?” I take pride in my purist beliefs and answer smugly, “black.” Since the move I’ve become a little obsessed with getting my morning brew.

It felt like Christmas morning when I unpacked my programmable –grind-and-brew coffee maker that had been banded to storage for the past 2 years (due to our lack of counter space in our “cute and humble” apartment). As my first pot brewed I took inventory of all the coffee mugs and tried to decide which would have the honor of holding the inaugural cup. My anticipation was met with despair when I returned to the kitchen and found the coffee spilled everywhere – except for in the pot.

Each attempt following ended with the same results (slow learner) and when I used the last sheet of our valu-pak paper towels, I decided it was time to take my beloved to the trash shoot. Over the past week I have googled some version of “I NEED A COFFEE POT” at least 150 times in hopes of finding a worthy replacement. It was around my 147th google that I realized my coffee fixation might be a little left of norm.

Deciding to take a break from coffee pot searching caught up on my email. My parents recently departed on a month long voyage along to the Alaskan Highway. and my father is documenting his trip through emails and mother has started blogging. As I read about the first 5 days of their adventure I began noticing a strikingly familiar fixation….

Father’s Words
• “…Mostly I think about getting coffee and then getting rid of coffee;”
• “… as I ponder the thermodynamics of coffee.”
• "....Have you had your coffee today?"
• "Inside we refilled our coffee mugs, got an eight-inch, freshly baked cinnamon roll...."

Mother’s Words
• “The weather has been sunny and warm, the roads dry-new pavement with only some road construction, finding food and coffee no problem"
• “Then there is the early stop for coffee at Hortons”
• “There hasn't been any "roughing it" yet. We have spent every night in a Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, or Hilton Inn. Clean sheets, hot showers, and coffee!”
• "The room had satellite TV with 100’s of channels, wifi , and coffee maker..."