Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back to the (virtual) Bar Scene

Everything is moving full steam ahead these days, except for my dating life. With less free time to devote to the bar scene (and the pending hangover the next day), I’m thinking it may be time to sign back onto the virtual bar scene. Being able to ‘get out there’ from the comforts of the couch or when things are slow at the day job sounds good to me.

But what ‘bar’ should I visit? I wasn’t too pleased with Dr. Warren’s last go around and I don’t like my 1 in 15 million odds on match.com. There are still a couple options I have yet to try, like the free site Plenty ‘o Fish, Braniac Dating: to find an intellectual man, or Lonely Sole International if I'm feeling worldly.

What I would like to find is a website the truly understands the important of Location! The island of Manhattan is only 22.96 square miles, but forget about census demographics, it’s a geographic nightmare for singles! Since I don’t have a current romance to use, I’ll use my job for an example. I live 3.65 miles from my office and it takes me $2 and 42 minutes to get there using public transportation or $17 and 25 minutes via cab.

My dream dating site would allow you to narrow your search by subway lines! I’ve been bugging some computer savvy friends to help me launch this idea for awhile now but there has been no progress. Anyone interested is a Share-a-Subway-Line-Singles joint venture?

Think I’m the only single who does not like to transfer lines? The New York Times ran an article on Saturday about this very same topic - When Love is a Schlep

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