Monday, October 12, 2009

Relationships Out, Romances In!

Remember back in the college days when being in a relationship meant you would meet up at the same bar two weekends in a row? Nowadays if you use the term ‘relationship’ in a conversation someone is bound to ask “Do you think he’s the one?”

Then you have the whole awkward conversation saying, “the 2 hours you spent busting a move on the dance floor were really magically but you are going to wait until you learn his last name and see how he treats his mother before you decide if he’s ‘the one’” To avoid some of the confusion, and judging looks, I’ve decided to erase the word “relationship” from my vocab and will only speak of ‘romances.’

A romance is much harder to define. Meeting eyes with a handsome stranger on the subway, a few hours after one to many vodka sodas, reuniting with a past flame or spending the rest of your life with a soul mate could all be classified as romances. Plus I just like the way “we had a romance” sounds.