Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 New Year’s Resolution Diet – FAIL

Butter weight, winter weight, a metabolism that has been declining ever since birth, whatever the cause, there is no denying that even my elastic waist-band chef pants have become a bit snug and my jeans….puh-lease, I haven’t attempted to put a pair on since Thanksgiving.

Think I’m kidding? I’ve decided to quit going to my acupuncturist because he makes me get on the scale every time I go and can no longer take the judgmental look he gives me when he notes the little red needle has moved right since my last visit.

I had every intention to kick off 2010 with a renewed commitment to gym and my gluten free diet. Ha! It’s only the third week of January and I’ve already cancelled my gym membership and consumed more glutinous bake goods then the first six months of 2009 – oops!

Unfortunately, I’m not surprised by my failure. As someone who recognizes their semi-addictive-overindulgent-instant-gratification-seeking personality, I knew I was in trouble when the first of the year coincided with the start of our Pastry course in culinary school.

I made it six lessons into to course but I cracked like a cookie on croissant day. I wish I could excuse my weakness on memories of a romantic getaway weekend in Paris that was filled with flakey croissants and decadent pain au chocolates, but that never happened. The truth, they were just so darn delicious! Before I could wipe the crumbs and chocolate from my lips I had rationalized eating two more using the following logic: (1) If I already had one, the damage has been done so might as well enjoy a few more. (2) It would be better for my system if I just ate all the fresh buttery croissants at once and have it out of my system in a few days then spreading the damage over a few days.

In ‘The End of Overeating,’ David Kessler talks about how drug addicts can rationalize using and then points out their brain chemical composition is nearly identical to those who overeat.

I guess the only thing left to say is, “Hi. I’m joannE. and I’m a baked-good addict.

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Mariya said...

You have to admit though...our croissants looked so flaky and buttery and WERE hard to resist...I feel your pain

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