Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wine'ing Wednesday

Nine years ago Wine’ing & Dining Wednesdays were born. My sorority sisters and I would gather in a cramped dorm room to drink Franzia’s finest box wine, dine on the most decadent squeeze cheeses from aerosol cans and enrich our minds by watching Temptation Island.

Wine’ing Wednesday is back in 2010 and I couldn’t be more excited. As part of my culinary education I’m currently partaking in a six week wine course on Wednesday nights. Each class is so knowledge packed it’s a shame that after our 11th wine of the evening I’m a little foggy on what was first discussed. There are the customary ‘spit buckets,’ but why make someone wash extra dishes when my stomach is happy to oblige.

Wine’ing Wednesday’s Tip of the Week:

An indication of the quality of the wine is how specific the wine’s origin is labeled. If the wine’s label simply reads, ‘Product of France’ no single region or winemaker is taking the credit (or blame) for the final product.

If a label reads“Estate Bottled” or "mis en bouteilles au chateau" (roughly translated means "bottled at the chateau”), it means 100% of grapes used were grown and bottled on premise. This tends to indicate the winemaker’s pride in the final product and they want full credit.


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