Monday, February 1, 2010

Passive Aggressive Vegetables Beef Soup

Not everything that comes out of my kitchen is a contender for a James Beard award [Gasp!]. As much as I enjoy sharing my culinary successes, today I’d take a moment to share my latest foodie flop. I call it – Passive Aggressive Vegetable Beef Soup.

*Recipe Tip*: Making the effort to go the grocery store and purchase fresh ingredients or follow the proper soup making procedure, the same bitter, snarky, and spiteful aftertaste may not be achieved

1) Enter kitchen a bit sleep deprived and still recovering from a night of cheap red wine (or tequila) over indulgence.

2) Trim overpriced specialty stew meat into bite size pieces.

3) Brown meat in an overcrowded large saucepan. Once you begin to feel impatient adjust the heat to high and check Facebook updates until the bottom of your pan is nicely burnt. Ignore and proceed.

4) Add haphazardly chopped onions, garlic, carrots and celery

5) Deglaze pan with remaining cheep wine from last weekend’s party. Do not measure.

6) Overly reduce wine to ensure the unpleasant taste is adequately concentrated.

7) Add canned tomatoes and stock

8) Season with non-complimentary dried herbs purchased over a year ago.

9) Taste. Consider all the ingredients that could improve the soup then remember none of them are on the ‘allergy approved’ list.

10) Overcompensate with salt and 1 can of “veggie-all” that miraculously made the move from your last apartment.

11) Cool and refrigerate or discard and order take out.

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