Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wine'ing Wednesday: The Tale of Tapas

How could we discuss Spanish wines without mentioning tapas? The tapas trend started way back when Spanish bartenders were loosing their battle against flies. One day a frustrated bartender decided he would cover* his customer's drink with a slice of bread to act as an edible fly shield. This simple yet innovated idea caught on and soon the slice of bread morphed into bread + cheese and then bread + cheese + olives and then bread + cheese olives + cured meat…. and so on and so on …. until there was a need for ‘small plates’ to accompany drinks.

*The word Tapas is a conjugated form of the Spanish word Tapar meaning ‘to close or cover’


Roomie said...

What does Tapeo mean??

joannE. said...

Tapeo is the masculine noun form of tapar

ir de tapeo -> to go out for some tapas
bar de tapeo -> tapas bar

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