Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wine'ing Wednesday: Tasting from the Snowed in Comforts of my Couch

NYC’s February 2010 Blizzard may have cancelled school but it did not diminish my dedication to Wine’ing Wednesdays! Luckily we recently re-stocked the wine rack and the roommate and I staged our own Wednesday night ‘tasting.’

The evening’s selection was brought to us by Astor Wines and was the result of one of my favorite NYC deals! Each month Astor Wines runs a Top 10 under 10 special. For less than $100 (this month it was $79) you get all 10 bottles (red & whites) + 2 complementary pre-selected bottles.

The Math:
12 Bottles for $79 + Free Manhattan Delivery +  Reality TV that I’m too embarrassed to admit I watch = 1 Successful Wednesday Night Wine Tasting

*Live outside the greater NYC? Astor wines will ship!

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