Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wine'ing Wednesdays: Why is my Beer Green?

In honor of today’s festivities I put down the cork screw and picked up a frosted mug! While enjoying a pint of emerald colored brewskie I can’t help but ponder, how did this tradition get started on a holiday meant to honor Christianity’s Patron Saint of Ireland?

According to the St. Petersburg’s Times drinking green beer on St. Patrick’s Day (which most likely started in Boston or New York) was derived from the tradition of Irish men going for a drink after a parade or celebration. They would pick a shamrock on their way to the pub to place in their drinks then drinking both the whisky (or beer) and shamrock for good luck.

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Mariya said...

Picking up a frosty mug at 3:36pm! I like it!!..*jealous*

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