Saturday, March 20, 2010

You Like Me, You Really Like Me: joannE.’s 1 Year Anniversary

Hello Friends,
Today is not only Macaroon Day in New York City it is joannE.’s 1 year anniversary. Year to date joannE. has been viewed in 40 countries and in 19 languages.

A Year in Review:
  • 108 Posts
  • Completed 404 hours my culinary education
  • 1 Original Recipe Collections
  • Lost 20lbs, Gained 25lbs (in that order)
  • The rule of 2 and 10 remains true and in effect
Most Popular Posts:
  1. I’ve been Squeemed 
  2. Gym Dating
  3. Fat Packing
  4. All the Single Bridesmaids
  5. Last call for the Virtual Bar Scene
Most Popular Recipes:
  1. Bridal Shower Sandwiches
  2. Watermelon, Mind, Feta,  and Kalamata Salad
  3. Pot Roast
  4. Rosemary Lamb Chop
  5. Marinated Celery Salad
Most unique Google searches that directed visitors to joannE.

Thank you for all the click, comments, and support! 




Jessica said...

Happy anniversary Joannee! Keep 'em coming!

Donna said...

Happy Anniversary! We do "really like you " and your posts. Looking forward to another year.

Mariya said...

Congrats!!! Cant say that 'hot girl glass eye' were the key words that brought me here, but glad to be here anyway =)

SEF said...

Happy anny!!

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