Friday, April 9, 2010

The Two-and-a-half Year ‘Temp’ Gig comes to an End

As my ongoing career search continues I have recently decided to take a giant leap towards what I hope is the right direction. Next Friday, almost exactly 2 ½ years from the day when I took my ‘temporary’ work assignment, I will be vacating my well worn cubical.

Upon graduating from culinary school THIS weekend, I have accepted a very exciting culinary externship opportunity with a major food company. It will be a chance for me to work with their product development and recipe testing kitchens along with the teams responsible for overseeing product launching and promotional events.

Although I will be leaving the comforts of Seamlessweb, health insurance and all you can eat Greek yogurt to pursue my [temporarily unpaid] passion, I am equally excited about having to findi a restaurant job to get some serious NYC restaurant kitchen experience. Other income sources I'm considering: dog/baby walking, temping, freelancing and plasma donating. Based on the current economy, I'm thinking plasma may be my most valuable asset???

The thing I'm having the hardest time rationalizing is that I will be doing something I told myself I would never do again - work in New Jersey. Eeek! In one week my commute will go from a 15 minute subway ride to a much longer subway ride + a NJ Transit bus ride over the bridge.

Have no fear, as of now I have no intention of leaving NYC anytime soon and perhaps I'll even find some time to fire up the ol' online dating profile again!

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