Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big "Burger "Break!

I hope all is going well and this summer's heat wave hasn't melted your margarita. 2010 is flying by and with August just around the corner I'm asking myself, where has the summer gone?  
After leaving the day job back in April, I took on my culinary externship with a hungry appetite. During the externship I tested recipes, worked on developing new food products and even assisted on Food Network video shoot with Sunny Anderson. Despite the whole "starting a grease fire incident"  I finished my externship in June and have been hired back as a freelance Culinary Consultant and Recipe Developer. 
So far I've worked on several projects for Hellman'sBertolli, Knorr, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! and Lipton. One of my first projects was to develop several sundae recipes for a new flavor of ice cream. It required signing a confidentiality agreement so I can't divulge too many details but it was for a company but the recipes will be released around the holiday season. 
With my belly ache from two weeks of sundae eating…errr, I mean 'testing'…  finally subsiding I was ready for my next gig.  The job: Come up with new variations of  "Lipton's Onion Burger." For the next two weeks I was up to my elbows in ground beef and made around 200 hamburgers. All that burger flipping paid off, I'm officially qualified to work at most fast food restaurants and the Lipton folks liked my burgers. In fact, they decided to publish 12 of my recipes and use three of the recipes for an end of summer BBQ campaign. 

As I continue to navigate through this freelancing world I hope to reconnect to my blogging roots and be better about updating with my latest adventures and recipes. But in the mean time, happy cooking & delicious dishes, 
If you are craving a few new burger recipes check out my latests contribution to the culinary world.  And here there three chosen for a photo shoot close up: