Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hello Harlem!

Recently there have been a slew of news articles published claiming the Great Recession ended in June 2009. But for me the true sign of the economy bouncing back came when it was time to resign our apartment lease. $463/month increase + income uncertainty of freelancing = Moving Time

With the amount of times I’ve changed addresses in my life, moving should be no big deal, right? Wrong. I still hate it and had to make a serious effort to shed my perma-tude.

After a twisted series of events a friend from culinary school recently found herself single and looking for an apartment (unfortunate for her but good news for me). We spent more than a week Craig’s List searching, slimy broker schmoozing and touring neighborhoods, some I never new existed – Nohar anyone???

The real estate ‘professionals’ we worked with were eager to make comments about how two young women who cook professional must have boyfriends waiting in the wings (both of us single – were not amused) but not as eager to approve our applications after seeing “Freelance” listed as our employer.

Our budget, apartment and subway needs narrowed our search for us and we found ourselves in heart of Harlem. After checking out a few places and realizing living there would only be good for my NYC street cred, we signed a lease and will be moving to the ‘hood at the end of the month. Who knows, maybe I'll run into Bill Clinton at the coffee shop!?!?

Now I know what you are wondering – What happened to my current roommate??? Well she decided to do the unthinkable – live with a cat!!! The only explanation for such a preposterous act is that the particular cat lives in her boyfriend's apartment. And lets face it, my roommate, her boyfriend, me and a cat sharing an apartment would just be silly. 

On another note, if you're feeling a little too healthy - check out my latest addition to the culinary world. The antipasto pizza sandwich is something I created for Hellmann's upcoming Superbowl campaign. 

Well I’m sure they say in Harlem – Tootles~


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