Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Latest Where'abouts & What'abouts

Hello Friends,

Fall is here and what’s that sound in the distance? A pumpkin spice latte brewing? Nah, that familiar fall rumble in my life can only be two things – my stomach is empty or a moving truck is coming around the corner.
After 12 months living with my culinary school colleague we decided to part ways and last week I moved in my 4th New York City apartment in 5 years. Despite my best effort not leave my previous block, after the water main break and  the corner store falling onto a bus during rush hour, I took the hint and expanded my search.

There are not many activities that can simultaneously make you feel terribly single, hopeless worthless and ultimately broke then searching for an apartment in New York. Despite the crushed ego and maxed out credit cards my search ended successfully and I found suitable (by NYC standards) one-bedroom just a few blocks north. The new place is still in Harlem so the block has the familiar ‘hood vibe I blend in so well with.

Now that I’ve gotten settled it’s time to get back to work. Work has been busy, and busy is good! This summer I continued developing recipes, expanded into product development for food companies and most recently scientifically proved mashed potatoes can be legally called "fluffy."  But since I like to stay busy I picked up some catering jobs, wrote an article for Chile Pepper Magazine and took on the exhausting role as chef for a start up gluten-free pie company.

The pie company sounded like a good idea when I first got involved. The pies were made in designated gluten free kitchen in Long Island City and were sold to retailers in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Although there was a demand for the product, the little G-Free pie company’s boat had too many holes to keep me on board. [Insert Ah-ha Moment™*].

If I was going to put that much of my time and resources into a company, it’s going to be my company. One month before my 29th birthday I decided to make my business official and ordered letterhead.  Eventually I got around to filing the needed paperwork and established Joanne E., LLC – Culinary Consulting and Catering Services. Thinking it’s always best to work your way up I’ve decided my official title would be “Dishwasher & Founder.”

Although ‘Dishwasher’ does have a certain je ne c'est quoi, I’ve decided to list “Culinary Consultant” as my occupation when I signed back onto the virtual bar scene. After realizing my left hand was looking rather naked compared to most of my friends and peers I decided it’s was time renew my online dating membership. 

After spending some time off the dating grid this rapid dating style serves as bit of a refresher course in dating Do’s and Don’ts. For instance I’ll try to never again say, “Just because I hate cats, doesn’t mean I’ll kick your puppy” on first date." - Bet you thought I made that up just for Facebook. Nope that verbal diarrhea was strait from the mouth of yours truly.

I hope all is well you and there are many delicious fall feasts in your future.



Joanne E., LLC

*hey, Oprah has people everywhere!