Friday, November 1, 2013

Next Year's Great & Global Adventure

As this year begins to wrap up it’s time to start thinking about the adventures 2014 will bring. Over the past year I’ve looked into a couple of opportunities that would fill the empty pages of my passport and satisfy my hunger (pun intended!) for wanting to expand my knowledge of food and the cuisines of the world

Just as the leaves began to turn, I received a call from my 88-year-old grandmother. She had lunch with a friend who just returned from a trip that spanned the globe. Before the waiter could refill her chardonnay she was sold. Grandma would see the world (again)!

Although she would tell you she doesn’t feel a day over 40, she did mentioned at age 88 it would be nice to have a travel companion. Now if only she had a young(er’ish), mostly-responsibly, relative who didn’t have a spouse, child or home to take care of and would be mostly pleasant company for 3 ½ months?

Grams and I will be setting sail January 18, 2014 for a 118 nights. Our world voyage will take us around the, world stopping in 41 ports in 27 countries and I’m bringing my appetite! As Grandma makes her packing list, I have begun a rather extensive “Things to Eat List.” I hear the sago grub is quite the delicacy in Papua New Guinea. Some of the others stops include ports in Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, India Egypt, & New Zealand. 

After almost seven years in New York, this December I’ll be wrapping up city life. Signing on board to circle the world as a hungry cook and Grandma’s travel companion, only guarantees one thing, I will have 2,832 hours of priceless blogging material for joannE. Yes, I’m firing up the old blog in hopes to keep everyone up to date on the adventure of Jackie & Joanne.  Elizabeth Gilbert wrote 'Eat, Pray, Love' as a result of her time abroad, perhaps this will be the beginning of my "Eat, Eat, and Learn to Play Bridge" memoir to come.

Looking forward to keeping in touch and please let me know if you have any dishes to add to my “Things to East List.”

Ahoy – Matey! 

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