Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 24 - I think?? Starting to lose track

Happy Holidays! Well the number for meals I'm cooking each day has decreased but my calorie consumption has doubled, if not tripled. Since I'm no longer required to incorporated mayonnaise into every recipe, I almost convinced myself that my yoga pants were slipping down because I was loosing weight. But I'm afraid after catching a glimpse of my profile, it's my expanding waistline that is causing my yoga pants to have the 'tights too tight, now rolling done my torso" effect.

This new 'normal' of mine has even startled me on occasion. Last Saturday stepped back into my old profession and spent the day babysitting. Once home, I poured myself a cup of tea and butchered my 4th deer this season. Other highlights of the week, mall-walking with a high school friend and her baby (it's didn't take long, our mall is 1/4 mile long and just 1 story) and purchasing a new pair of functional, not a bit attractive, waterproof snow boots.

Grams is doing well and has a good attitude. Just the other day she was asked, 'Are you excited to get to heaven and see Jesus?" Her response, "No, I'm just looking forward to seeing Doug." Doug is my grandfather and her husband of 50+ years. Fa-la-la-la lifetime has nothing on this love story.
New York, NY 1946

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