Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 9 in Central-PA

This week it's 'operation getting back to business' and getting my pants to comfortably button again. I'm finally getting out of the house and back to sleeping in a real bed. Since I was sans "domestic partner," baby, and shorter than 5' 5" this holiday weeklong I had a reservation for 1 on the couch. 

It's not that I miss working out, it's missing my sanity (and a reason to leave to the house) that had me signing up for local gym. It looked clean, had working treadmills, and was right next to the grocery store so I was sold pretty quickly. If nothing else, I will be at the gym each time I need to buy more food. Although I probably wont need to go for awhile.

Monday was a 'school is shut down' kind of holiday in these parts. December 1 marked the first day of buck season (that's deer huntin' for all you city folks). By 3pm there was a skinned and hung opening day deer in our basement. JoannE.'s Butcher Shop was officially open. There was a bit of learning curve, and a few more "mystery cuts" than I anticipated but that deer was broken down and vacuumed sealed by 8pm. Just think, if I was in Brooklyn I would have to pay $200+ to watch some guy break down a large animal. Total cost of yesterdays hands on/elbow deep "workshop" = a six pack of beer.

Today I got myself out of the house by 1pm, hit the gym and made an investment on an electronic tea kettle. While in-town I ran into 3 relatives, 2 high school classmates and a chatty stranger.  And within spending 1 hour "in town" I had left the following message:
"Hey, ran into your brother at The Store*. Heard he got a beautiful buck and shot him from your tree stand. Will you be in town by doe season?"

So it's fair to say, I'm settling in.
Bonus: It felt pretty amazing to not to have to write a $1,000+ rent check the first of the month, this hometown sabbatical may have a few perks.
~Happy Huntin'

*Since the sight of hanging deer carcase may be squeamish for some, here's a lovely pic of a personal-size gluten free apple pie

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