Monday, February 24, 2014

That's My Grandma

Growing up, whenever storybooks or movies depicted a Grandma as fragile women in a rocking chair, waiting for the sun  to go down, I would think - not my Grandma. Or if I would see an image of a woman, unable to speak her mind - that's not my grandma.

Grams had a sense of an adventure that was second to none. If life went according to her plans, this morning we would have been stepping onto the shores Tonga in the South Pacific. Last fall, I received the invitation to accompany Grandma on a round the world trip, stopping in 27 countries. However I must add, this invitation was footnoted with "whether you can make it or not, I've already signed up."

Her energy and adventurous spirit had taken her around the world once before, found a home in Malawi Africa, started new businesses, allowed herself to fall in love and accept any invitation she found intriguing.

This past week while looking through an old album I recognized a photo of a young 78 year old women water skiing on Sabula Lake  - Now That's My Grandma. Anytime I see an women dressed to nine just to greet her family - I will think, that's my Grandma. And as I hear the stories friends and family share about a women that was never too tired to invite you in, throw a dinner party or refill your wine glass - I will always proudly say That's My Grandma!


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