Friday, May 23, 2014


May 23, 2014

Yesterday was a long travel day, After 8 hours in a over-packed little Toyota, we called it a day. When we decided to pull off, still 21/2 hours from the Johannesburg, it was one cranky car. Even with low blood sugar, 2 days of eating fast food and a guide who lacked good manners, we all played nice and enjoyed one last South African dinner. Today we arrived at the airport 6 hours before our flight and ready to part ways. The cousins have continued their endurance shopping at the duty free shop and I've found the bar. 

Just a few hour until we bored the plane headed for London and I'm looking through the pictures, trying to catalog the memories of the past two weeks. There is a witty, insightful and poinient blog post to be written about this African adventure. A post illustrating the connection between being in the part of the world where my grandmother spent two years while in the Peace Corpse, and without her initial invitation to accompany her on on around the world journey I wound not have been open to this opportunity. A post of self reflection after seeing children unable to afford shoes sing with joy in their hearts. Such writting would be the fitting for my last post from South Africa - but I'm a little tired at the moment. 

So please check back for such a post to come, but in the mean times cheers to the hospitable country of South Africa, the scenic roadways of Swaziland and the beautiful beaches of Mozambique!

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