Monday, May 19, 2014

Saying hello from Swaziland

Saturday, May 18, 2014

Swaziland, the small land-locked country surrounded by South Africa and Mozambique. The scenic views and hospitable countryside had us wishing we could spend another day. 


The cousins could qualify for professional shoppers. Their endurance to shop every stall at the open air markets was impressive. The trade market held 60-75 stalls filled with brightly colored linens and handmade artisan crafts. Upon entering each 'store' a smiling woman would greet you and warmly ask if you could support her and buy just one thing. 

Swazi food has been fun but nothing too outrageous. Between my 3 travel companions, there has been at least one Greek salad, but most often two, ordered at every meal. I've taken it upon myself to order the unknown and help support the local wine industry. The food highlight was the sampling of  Malva Pudding. It was a warm incredibly moist sponge cake, flavored with apricot jam, brown butter and Jamaican rum. It was topped with a warm vanilla sauce and was devoured before I could take a picture - but I got the recipe! 

The generous Swaziland pour 

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