Thursday, May 15, 2014

Still Safari'ing

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Five days sans internet, tv or newspaper and there hadn't been a single clock displayed in any of the 3 "hutches" we've been  staying in. Is anyone still out there?

Yesterday we came across more giraffes, zibras, impalas, elephants, and got entertained by a pod of hippo but was pretty uneventful day on the food front. As our 'friend' Cliff prepared dinner I took the opportunity to work on my kitchen control issues by regressing into our primitive relatives. Sitting on our the porch of our thatch roof hut, I cracked coconuts against a rock, sprinkling each bite with a bit of turbinado sugar. The $3.50 bottle of South Africans finest also help distract be from calculating number of hours our chicken dinner had been exposed to the danger zone in transport from a third worlds's meat market 4 days ago. 

The evening had excitement potential when we boarded an open truck for a night ride. Two and a half hours later we retuned shivering to camp with 2 feral cats and 4 bunnies added to out sightings list. I'd call it a bust. 

Today we moved camp sties, again. We will have stayed in 3 cabins at 3 different areas of the park and the only difference I could state will be, tonight I don't have to sleep on the floor - upgrade!  Bonus of the drive, another camp ground lunch. Today I opted for a kudu steak with pap and sabe. The kudu was very lean and tasted much like a well seasoned venison, but surprisingly less gamey. The "steaks" or "chops" as we would refer to it in North-Western-Central-PA was grilled owner sickel wood, which provided a delightfully smokey charred flavor to the meat. 

This afternoon I opted to break away from the group and ride on an 'sunset' safari. Sounds very romantic, doesn't it? It was just myself and 17 strangers, not many who spoke English, off through the wild bush of Africa. The close sighting of two lions and some entertaining hippos was pretty spectacular but when I found myself thinking, "pshh...another giraff? I don't need to get up for that," I realized its time to keep this African journey going and move on. Swaziland here we come!  


Kruger Park camping essentials; coffe + citronella 

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Dina said...

So glad you finally got to see some big cats! I mean, you know plenty of cool cats at home...but we're not so big!

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