Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Wild Bush

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 

The morning search for Simba and resulted in a few ginniefowl, warthog and few very darling baboons. Or in safari lingo, 'no big cats'

Returning to camp for breakfast on the grill I dined on a 3-inch piece of sausage and a undercooked yet charred sweet potato, which I take full culinary responsibility for. 

 The day's 'drive' to our next campsite produced an unexpected highlight when we pulled off for a pit stop. Over an open flame two case iron pots held the making of the South African staple mealie pap. The pap is corn base, resembling a white corn polenta with a mild flavor. The Sabbe served as the flavoring, resembling a very well made marinara sauce, was spooned over the pap. The dish was completed by a kudu sausage (kuduworse), surprisingly more mild in flavor than this morning's beef breakfast sausage. The lunch was delicious! Best and cheapest meal ($3) so far. The long and slow cooking of the tomatoes sauce gave moisture to the lean sausage and the steamy pap provided a sense of satisfaction only carbohydrates can provide.  This naturally 'Joanne Friendly' (gluten, dairy, egg, soy, nut free) dish had me contemplating a second order. Enjoying such a cultural staple did not surprise me ad much as hearing our South African expert admit to never trying the dish. 

Understanding I have a uniquely food centric (admittedly sometimes obsessive) view on life, I wondered how someone could claim to understand a culture without experiencing the food of the people. One of my favorite topics to discuss amongst fellow food-centrics during the late night hours, after overly indulging in food and beverage of choice is: Does culture determine cuisine or does cuisine determine culture? 

**** Pause for deep thoughts****

Ok, back to the bush. Post launch there were more sighting of monkeys, hippos, and giraffes.  We arrived at our new hut for the next two nights. Dinner was grilled steak and veggies. Per the request of my travel companions I threw together a 'lemon pepper safari dip' from what we had around camp. 

lemon pepper safari dip
2 cups greek yogurt
2 grilled green onions, charged and sliced 
2 tsp lemon pepper 
1/2 tsp garlic salt
2 tsp lemon juice
2 tsp dehydrated mined onions 

Combine all ingredients, reason with salt and pepper. Let stand 30 min before serving. 

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