Thursday, May 29, 2014

Goedemiddag Amsterdam

May 29, 2014

It's been a great visit to Amsterdam. I stayed with a culinary school pal, Ema who recently made the move across the pond (check out her adventures ). We have spent the last 4 days eating our way through the city - my kind of sightseeing. 

Unfortunately the Anne Frank House was sold out during my entire stay but walked past for a visual confirmation at least. With our #1 historical attraction a bust, it was on to the next thing on our list - the #HeinekenExperience a museum/historical factory tour. 25% of the tour was pretty interesting, including a lesson on the proper way to drink beer (come to find out I've been doing it wrong all these years). The other 75% of the tour was an interactive advertisement to drink more Heineken. 

In efforts to familiarize Ema with all the neighborhoods of her new home town, we paid the Red Light District a visit.Touring the red light district on a weekday morning didn't exactly showcase it's excitement or lure very well. It was a pretty quiet street with mostly closed restaurants and bars but with the occasional sleepy, slightly sad, looking prostitute standing in a second story window. Since it was only 10am, I'm guessing the district's A-team was probably still sleeping. 

Thinking I should make the most of my time across the pound, I decided to bop down to paris for the weekend. This little side trip will make my country count 6 for this trip - the passport is looking happy!


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