Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekend in Paris

A solo excision to Paris sounds even more enticing after three weeks of group travel. Friday morning I was drinking my coffee while riding the rails through the countryside of the Netherlands. By lunchtime I was in Paris enjoying lunch in a quaint, open-air cafe. Just as I was having  a true "Parisian moment" Frank Sinatra's New York New York began to play throughout the cafe. So close.... So close....

Having been to Paris before, the usual sights were not on my must see list. Instead a leisurely stroll and dinner along the river would suffice for an evening activity. While taking in the view, much to my surprise, two familiar faces approached. It was another culinary school comrade and his wife.  Thanks to social media I was aware they were traveling in Paris but isn't exactly a small town. Never once, during the past five years. while both living in New York, we ran into each other on the street, but here we are - Bonjour friends! 


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