Sunday, June 1, 2014

When Willpower and Better Judgement are No Match for Parisian Pastries

Saturday morning I was at the farmers's market in the Latin Quarter ready to embark on a food tour. The vibrant colors of the produce were some of the most beautiful sights I've seen in Paris. 

After making it to through market, the first stop was an artisan boulangerie for pain au chocolates and crossaints for all! Until this moment I managed to avoid gluten and most dairy while traveling (except for that memorable bite of Melva Pudding in Swaziland). Maybe 1 bite wouldn't be so terrible? It would be in the name of culinary research after all. It. Was. Delicious. Still warm the chocolate center was barely melted and beautifully wrapped in the buttery layers of the never-frozen puffed pastry. Something so good shouldn't be tossed in garbage. ..It's only a couple more bites. 

The tour continues to Laurent DuBois' cheese shop. Now here's a sign - the cheese maker's last name is the same as my hometown in Pennslyvania! Gotta try at least a couple samples, for culinary research purposes of course. Four hours later, I regrettably justified sampling numerous bites of pastry, 3 foi gras and the 8 cheeses unable to be exported outta France. 

This lapse of good judgement doesn't come without consequence. Despite my nonsensical justifications this morning's #GlutenHangover was a doozie (puffy face, acne, hazy vision) - so much for mind over body. It been almost seven years and I still haven't learned my lesson. Pavlov's dogs were trained in just a few days, right?!?


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